E-Commerce Website: Grid50

Website Sample - Grid50

Grid50 is a marketplace website for photographers and videographers. The site features e-commerce functionality but acts like traditional marketplace websites such as eBay and Etsy. Users of the site can list and sell their own gear.

Grid50 was a completely custom, “from the ground up” website built by Jawfish. We helped Grid50 with the following:

  • Custom Web Development
  • Content Marketing & SEO

Web Design & Development for Grid50

To start, we built the Grid50 website with the following features:

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Marketplace functionality (so users can list their own items for sale)
  • Custom seller dashboards
  • Live chat functionality
  • Wishlist functionality (so users can add items they want to their wishlist)

Below is a screenshot of the Grid50 homepage:

Grid50 - Homepage

Below is a screenshot of the seller dashboard page:

Grid50 - Dashboard

Below is a screenshot of the shop page:

Grid50 - Shop Page

Content Marketing & SEO

As mentioned above, we have also helped Grid50 with Content Marketing & SEO. This has included:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing the site using Yoast SEO (including product pages, category pages, etc.)
  • Writing keyword targeted blog posts

Below are a few blog posts that Jawfish has helped Grid50 to create: