Blog Post: “59 DIY Shelf Ideas Built With Industrial Pipe”


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Simplified Building is an e-commerce website that sells pipe fittings, railings, and DIY furniture kits. Customers often purchase their products to build railings, desk frames, tables frames, clothing racks, and even parkour structures.

As of August 2018, we have worked with Simplified Building for over three years. In that time, we have produced content that people interested in this these types of products would search (ex. DIYers, homeowners, construction companies, etc.). Topics include how to build a bed frame, shelf ideas, railing examples, etc.

This specific post, “59 DIY Shelf Ideas Built With Industrial Pipe”, was published in April 2015. In that time, it has brought in thousands of visits and ranks for some high-volume search terms such as “pipe shelves”, “diy pipe shelves”, and “industrial pipe shelving”.