Jawfish (also know as Jawfish Digital) was started in June 2015. The company started as ROC Web Marketing – a tribute to the founder of Jawfish’s hometown, Rochester, NY. ROC Web Marketing underwent a complete rebranding and the name was changed to Jawfish.

Cody Slingerland is the founder and has been working with companies for over the past five years to build amazing websites and drive customers to their business.

Jawfish Wood Background
Cody Slingerland

Cody has worked with companies such as Zapier, Patreon, Leadfeeder, LeadBoxer, SoundBetter, Simplified Building, Simplified Safety, and more.

The company started as a one-man operation but has since grown. We now have a full development team to assist in building web projects no matter what the size.

The company is located in Raleigh, NC but we’ve worked clients from all over the United States including clients in Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

The best way to learn more about us, though, is to check out our work. View our full portfolio of work here.

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