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Thinking about building a new website? You’re in the right place.

Although located in the Raleigh-Durham area, Jawfish has worked with clients from all over the country. We’ve built websites for all types of businesses including lawyers, agencies, restaurants, job boards, e-commerce companies, musicians, and more.

To discover what it’s like to work with us, read on to learn about our process, our pricing plans (that include unlimited maintenance), and why we think you should choose our company to build your website:

The Nest - Raleigh, NC
Jawfish is located in Raleigh, NC at The Nest downtown office space.

Discover Our Process:

Determining Your Needs

The first thing we do when working with a new client is to determine your company’s needs. First, we want to understand your goals as a business and how they relate to your website. Then, we’ll figure out what features and pages your website needs in order to meet those goals.

Some things we want to learn include:

  • What is the goal of your website?
  • What do you want your website to do?
  • How do you plan to send visitors there?
  • What type of features do you want?
  • How many pages do you need?

Initial Concepts

Typically, we suggest that clients start to think about how they want their website to look and feel. We also suggest you send us any sample websites that you like to look of and any similar features you may want on your own site.

This will save time and it will give us a better idea of what you’re looking for.

From there, we will send a few demos that will kick of the design of the website. You’ll be able to tell us what you do and don’t like about each before we even start to build your website. This again will help to save time and will ensure that we build the website that you have envisioned for your company.

Building Your Website

Once we agree on an initial design, we will start to build your website. At this time, we will ask you to send us any text or media that you would like to include on the site. We may also use stock images as placeholder in the meantime if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like to include yet.

If you need help with content creation, we can also help with that. Be sure to let us know so that we can craft a custom quote for you as our current plans do not include content creation (so you would supply the text you want to use and we’ll add it to the site).

The amount of time it takes for us to build your website will depend on the size and type of features needed for your website. However, most small business websites will take a few weeks, whereas large sites such as an e-commerce site or job board can take a month to few months to complete. This also depends on the amount of time it takes to gather all the resources we need from you and any back and forth on design decisions.

Basically, the quicker you can respond to us and get us the materials we need to complete your site, to faster we will be able to build it.

Once we’ve completed the website, we will send it over to you to review. This will act as the “first draft” and we will go from there with any revisions that you may need.

Unlimited Revisions

Rarely, if ever, will a web designer get your website to look and function exactly how you envisioned it on the first try.

There’s almost always a bit of back and forth to get the website just right. Each web designer handles this differently. No matter if you’re working with a freelancer or a large company.

Some web designers will charge you hourly for any additional changes. Others include a certain number of revisions in their original quote and will then bill you further if you go over this number of revisions.

At Jawfish, we do things differently. Since all of our plans include unlimited ongoing maintenance, that also means we offer unlimited revisions. You read that right, you have unlimited revisions.

This includes “revisions” (or changes) only and not website additions or custom development. The pricing package you choose will determine the number of pages or added features we will set up for you (for custom development, please contact us for a quote).

To clarify this further, let’s take a look at some examples of revisions or changes that you someone might request. A revision request might be:

  • Change the color of…
  • Change the text on this page
  • Replace the image on X page with this image
  • Change the order of the menu items
  • Reformat this text
  • Change the title of this page

A revision would not be:

  • We’d like to add 25 extra products
  • We want to add a custom, user-submitted photo gallery
  • We’d like to add a shop page to our website
  • We want to add 10 extra pages
  • And any other custom development

Unlimited Ongoing Changes & Maintenance

Once your site is complete, we continue to maintain it throughout the lifetime of your plan. This includes performing routine theme and plugin updates, monitoring the site for security threats, and routinely backing up the site in case anything ever happens and we need to restore it (such as an irreversible change or even a website hack).

Additionally, your plan also includes ongoing changes to your website. Let’s say 3 months after the initial build of your website, you want to change the text on one of your pages (or even all of your pages). Simply contact us to let us know and we will make that change for you. There’s no extra charge for this. These types of changes are already included in your monthly plan and there’s no limit to the changes you can have done on your existing pages.

Another example might be a restaurant that changes their menu weekly or daily. We can change the menu on your website as often as you want to change it. It’s that simple.

The only exception to this is if you ever want to add additional pages to your website. If you need additional pages, we can simply “bump” you up to the next highest pricing plan to include those pages. Then we can add as many pages as that plan allows and you will have unlimited revisions or ongoing changes to all of those pages throughout the life of your plan.

So for example, if you choose our Small to Medium Size Business Basic Plan, you will have the option of having up to 5 pages on your website at any given time. Throughout your plan, we can make as many changes as you need to those 5 pages. These changes might include:

  • Changing the layout of the page
  • Changing the order of the text
  • Changing the text on the page
  • Changing one or more images
  • Adding or replacing a link
  • Changing the text of a button

However, if at any time you want to add more pages to your website, all we have to do if “bump” you up into the next pricing plan. In this example, if we want to add an additional 10 pages, we can move you up to the Pro plan. You will then just be charged the price of the Pro plan from that time forward.

Web Design Samples

For a look at our entire portfolio, please visit this page.

E-Commerce Website: Grid50

Grid50 (located in Raleigh, NC) is a marketplace website for photographers and videographers. The site features e-commerce functionality but acts like traditional marketplace websites such as eBay and Etsy. Users of the site can list and sell their own gear whereas buyers can browse the selection of listed items.

This site was built completely by Jawfish from scratch and features quite a bit of custom development. We’ve also helped Grid50 with SEO and content marketing.

Read more about this project here.

Website Design Sample
Website Sample - Innolytics NC

Local Small Business Website: Innolytics

Innolytics is a small business in the Raleigh-Durham area that offers analytics and big data services to companies. Al Nelson, the owner, came to Jawfish for help building a simple website to showcase the company’s services. The site features a simple “one-page” design and includes standard functionality such as a business contact form.

Read more about this project here.

Small Business Website: Novus Semiconductor

Novus Semiconductor a small business in the Raleigh-Durham area that sells semiconductor services such as dicing, packaging, and testing. The design for this website features a clean, mobile-friendly layout.

Read more about this project here.

How We Work:

Flat Monthly Rates with Unlimited Maintenance

Most web designers or companies will either charge you on an hourly basis or give you an estimate for your project. Depending on the scope of your project, the actual price you pay for your website may end up costing quite a bit more than the original quote.

Additionally, this is usually paid in large deposits. For example, 50% upfront and 50% after completion.

At Jawfish, however, we do things a bit differently.

Instead, we charge for your website on a monthly basis. We charge a monthly flat rate and with that rate, you get unlimited ongoing maintenance and changes to your website.

Instead of paying upfront, we bill you a set amount every month. This make budgeting a website much easier for many businesses.

There are no unforeseen costs, so you know what to expect each month.

Monthly Plans

Location Does Not Matter

We are located in Raleigh, NC. So if you’re in the area, then great! We would be happy to meet in person to discuss your needs.

However if you’re located somewhere else, no worries. We can work with you no matter where you and your company are located.

We’ve worked with clients in Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA and many other cities across the US.


We Take Communication Seriously

Adding to our point above, we take communication seriously. No matter where you’re located, we make a huge effort to reply promptly and to find the best way to communicate.

We can use Skype or Google Hangouts for “face-to-face” meetings. This also makes it easy to share our screen so you can see exactly what we’re doing if we need to explain any specific point about your website.

Additionally, we use Calendly to make scheduling calls over-the-phone easy. With Calendly, you can choose a time on our calendar that works for you and we’ll give you a call about your project.

Lastly, we reply to emails promptly (within 24 hours during the business week, often much less).


We Know Our Stuff

We’re experts in the field of Web Design and Development. Our company focuses on two things: Building websites and driving customers to your business.

Our team consists of web designers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, and marketing professionals. We do this every day and we stand by our work. We’re not some college kid looking to make a quick buck or a foreign company who you may not hear from for days or week on end.

We take pride in our work and it shows. Our clients can attest to our skills and we’ve had many happy customers leave us positive reviews. Check out our homepage for a few.

Expert Web Design

Clean and Modern Designs

At Jawfish, we created clean, modern designed websites. Our websites look like they were made in this decade, not in the 90s like many outdated websites do.

We focus on clean design that presents your business in a pleasing way but also makes navigating your website easy for visitors.

Modern Design

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Every website we build, is mobile-friendly optimized. What does that mean?

It means that your website will look good and function correctly on any device size. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. No matter what device someone is visiting your site with, your website is still going to look great!

You don’t pay anything extra to have your website mobile-friendly optimized. It’s included with every website we build.

Mobile Friendly


Small to Medium Size Business Plans

These plans are best for local businesses or small online operations. This includes lawyers, doctors, restaurants, agencies, real estate agents, spas or salons, etc.

  • Basic

  • $250/Month
    • Includes up to 5 web pages

  • Pro

  • $350/Month
    • Includes up to 15 web pages

  • Premium

  • $600/Month
    • Includes up to 30 web pages

E-Commerce Website Plans

  • Basic

  • $350/Month
    • Includes up to 25 products and 5 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)

  • Pro

  • $500/Month
    • Includes up to 100 products and 10 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)

  • Premium

  • $1,000/Month
    • Includes up to 200 products and 20 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)

How Do Our Plans Work?

It’s simple. Each of our plans include unlimited revisions and unlimited, ongoing maintenance for your website. Additionally, we don’t charge a huge upfront cost for the initial build of your website. Building and maintaining your website is figured into our monthly plans based on the features and pages you need.

This is why we do require a 12-month contract for each of our plans. After that, we can work together month-to-month basis. At that point, you can cancel at any time and choose to go work with another web designer if you wish.

Additionally, if you start with a lower plan but need more pages, we can just bump you up to the next price plan going forward. Then, we will add any additional pages and maintain and update those on a monthly basis as needed.

Each of Our Plans Include:

Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your actual website address. For example, www.mywebsitename.com. This typically costs around $15/year. With Jawfish, your domain name included in your plan.

Domain Name
Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is used to hold your website’s actual files such as the Content Management System (ex. WordPress), images, code files, etc.

Web hosting is required in order to build a website. Web hosting typically costs around $5/month for the most basic packages (always billed upfront). However, with any of our sites, we use a higher plan to ensure your website is always up and that it loads quickly. For hosting, we use A2 Hosting.

With Jawfish, web hosting is included in your plan. We take care of anything hosting related so you don’t have to worry about it. If there’s ever a problem, we will reach out to the hosting provider to solve the issue.

Security Maintenance

Unfortunately, website hackers exist. You may think that these people only go after large organizations but that is not true. Instead, it’s usually much easier for these people to target smaller website that do not keep their site up-to-date or put any attention to website security. Thus, many of these websites are at risk.

To prevent anything from happening to your website, we take all the necessary precautions and website security features are included in each of our plans.

Some security measures we take include changing the default login address for your site (that’s used to login to the backend of your website), using captchas, preventing spam, and blocking people using known “bad” IP addresses from visiting your website.

We also conduct monthly malware scans to ensure your site is free from any malware. This can be rare. But nevertheless, if your is infected with malware placed by a hacker it can wreak havoc. Thus, we complete our checks monthly and if we find anything suspicious, we will remove it immediately.

Website Security

Weekly Site Backups

In addition to added security protocols, we also make sure to backup your site routinely. We complete a backup on every one of our client’s websites on a weekly basis.

This works just like backing up a photo album on your computer to an external hard drive. We backup your entire website to our Google Drive account so that it is safely stored on a remote server.

That way if anything does happen to your site, we can always revert back to one of your backups. Again, we backup our sites every week and we keep 4 weeks worth of backups at one-time. So we can revert back to the previous version of your website from as far back as the previous month if needed.

CMS, Theme, and Plugin Updates

Most of the websites we build use WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It’s a backend for your website that is used to manage and store pages, blog posts, images, and so on. Roughly 30% of all websites on the internet use WordPress.

The problem with WordPress, or any CMS, is that there are constant updates. Many of these updates are made for security purposes.

WordPress also uses what’s called Themes and Plugins. In a nutshell, a theme is used to create the look and style of your website. Plugins are used to add specific functionalities.

Themes and plugins also have routine updates that can be released sporadically.

It is a best practice to keep WordPress and any themes and plugins your sites uses up-to-date. This ensures your website does not have any potential security holes.

With Jawfish, we update WordPress, your theme, and your plugins on a monthly basis to ensure your site runs properly and that it is secure.

Updating WordPress, Plugins, and Themes
Spam Cleanup

Spam Cleanup

Spam can be a problem for many sites if not addressed properly. Especially, if you have a blog. Spam comments can be posted frequently.

The first thing we do to clean up spam is to prevent it in the first place. First, we install a plugin to your site that prevents spammers from posting to your site (via comments or forms). This does not prevent 100% of all spam but it does cut down the amount of spam significantly.

If any additional spam does get through, we clean out spam messages and comments monthly. This keeps the backend of your site organized and keeps everything running smoothly.

Broken Link Scans

Links break. It happens. You may send us something that you want to link to from specific page or blog post but that page may eventually be deleted. Especially if the link was to an external site.

To make sure there are no broken links on your site, we run a broken link check every month. If we find any broken links, we will fix them by either removing or replacing the link.

Broken Link Scan
Form Submission Check

Form Submission Checks

To make sure that you receive every last message that someone sends using a form on your site, we run form submission checks monthly for each of our client’s websites.

In some cases, updating a plugin or theme can cause an issue with a form. Or, maybe the email that was originally in use for the form was deleted. For example, if that person left your company.

This is why we check all of the forms across your website on a monthly basis to ensure everything works as it should.

Why Choose Us to Build & Maintain Your Website?

We Care About Establishing a Relationship

& Maintaining Your Website Over the Long-Term

Unlike most web designers or companies, we price our website on an ongoing, monthly basis. There are a few reasons we do this.

For one, companies don’t have to pay two huge lump-sum payments for their websites as they do for other companies that charge 50% upfront and 50% after completion. This makes building a website much easier to budget for many companies.

Two, it allows for ongoing changes and routine maintenance. Web design is an ongoing process. At some point, there’s going to be something that you want to change. Whether it’s an image on your site, the text on page, or the order of your navigation menu.

Our plans include unlimited changes. Any time that you want to make a change, simply let us know and we will update your website.

Our commitment to this type of pricing model allows us to build long-term relationships with customers who trust us with their website to make timely changes and keep their site up and running.

Lower Upfront Costs

Since we do not price our website on a “lump-sum” basis (where you might pay 100% upfront or 50% upfront and 50% after completion), you don’t have to worry about making a huge payment right out of the gate.

The cost to build your website, as well as maintain it and make any ongoing changes, are all factored into our monthly plans. This makes budgeting the cost of building a website easier for your business.

Worry-Free Maintenance/Insurance

We take care of everything involving your website. We make any changes to your site that you want, we maintain the integrity of the site, and we keep everything up and running smoothly. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it.

If there’s a problem with your hosting company, we will reach out and work with the hosting company to address the issue. We also monitor security on your site and complete routine backups. Therefore, keeping you safe from attacks and ensuring we always have a backup should anything ever happen.

You can rest assured that your site will be safe, run smoothly, and that any changes you need will be complete in a timely fashion.